4 Professional Benefits Of Preparing To Excel In The IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IETLS) is one of the most popular tests worldwide among people who speak English as their second language. It acts as proof of their language proficiency. For students who wish to study abroad in predominantly English-speaking countries, an official IETLS score is often a major prerequisite. Many people know that having a good IETLS score is a great way to show that you have the English language skills to enter a top university, but are you aware that IETLS scores are also used for immigration and professional purposes?

As such, achieving a good IETLS score is essential in helping you achieve your education, career, or life goals. For this reason, you may want to prepare even harder to excel in the IETLS, instead of just attaining a pass. Here are 4 benefits of excelling in the IETLS.

1. An internationally recognised certification

More than 9,000 organisations in over 135 countries around the world recognise the IETLS as proof that you’re able to communicate effectively in the English language – so its reputation as proof of English proficiency isn’t limited to just English-speaking countries.

Although the test may not be a requirement in some companies and institutions, having a high IETS score can give you an edge over other applicants with a lower IELTS score. This means that you may have better career options if you excel in the IETLS.

2. Looks good on your resume

English language skills are vital to a successful career and considered a valuable asset to any job. Using your IETLS score as proof of your language proficiency is a crucial step in securing a visa that allows you to work abroad. If you’re applying for a work visa, you’ll need to achieve either ‘competent’ or ‘vocational’ English language skills – more than just basic casual English.

Furthermore, many companies are likely to be impressed if you scored high in the IETLS, as it demonstrates that you have effective communication skills. As a result, it’s a good certification to have on your resume, as it can help you to land a job.

3. Prepares you for professional scenarios

The IETLS helps to familiarise you with the level of English required for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Although some English learners tend to focus on certain aspects of the language over others, the IETLS is designed to assess all areas – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

By taking the test, you’ll be applying your English skills in an everyday scenario with English native speakers. This includes a live conversation with an evaluator, which simulates a real-life situation, whether it’s talking to your international schoolmates or work clients.

4. Gives you a clear goal

It’s easy to push back your studying if you’re learning English on your own. Preparing for the IETLS test gives you clear objectives, which in turn boosts your motivation to study diligently and improve your English. To excel in IETLS, you’ll need to prepare effectively. Attending English classes is a great way to prepare for the test, as you’ll have a professional teacher to guide you through the learning process.

Here at English Explorer, we provide an IETLS course in Singapore to help you prepare according to the test requirements. Whether you intend to learn general or academic English, our experienced teachers can help you to improve your English language skills in no time. Enrol in our English classes today to get started!


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