4 Amazing Reasons To Include Games In Your Grammar Practice

Whilst challenging, learning can be just as fun. Most English classes will go through the theory and it may be dreary and dry for many students. However, with the incorporation of games and the like in these lessons, you will be able to learn the language in a more fun and engaging way! Especially now that many classes have shifted online, nothing spice up an online English class better than a game can.

That said, not all games are good, nor will they help you achieve your goals. An excellent language learning game should not just be fun and easy to play, but it should also be accurate and effective. They should be cognitive stimulating and encourage you to practice the language as much as possible.

A game that ticks on all these checks will be more than a fun way to pass the time. We suggest discussing with your tutor about the various games to include in your classes. If you need reasons to persuade your English teacher, here are just a few.

Excellent Platforms Gaining New Language Skills

A good game has the propensity to be an excellent language tool, especially if they incorporate problem-solving techniques and engages the learner’s faculties. Players can simultaneously immerse themselves in an environment where they can gain new skills whilst actively focusing on achieving the game’s objectives. This way, learners don’t just gain new knowledge, they also learn how to apply the knowledge in a preferred communicative activity.

Allows You To Be Motivated To Practice

If given a chance, no student would want to sit in a class to study all day. This is especially the case if it’s as intensive as an IELTS course. On the other hand, the psychology behind winning and losing a game allows a student to be more motivated to defeat the game and reach its objectives. In fact, studies have shown that winning increases testosterone and dopamine, which will immediately make us feel better. Thus, even if it’s just subconsciously, you will be more riled up to apply and practice the language frequently.

Enhance Collaboration And Engagement

Most games require more than one player and whilst technology has allowed artificial intelligence to replace any player playing on the opposition team, there is still interaction and engagement. Of course, undoubtedly, the engagement derived with an artificial intelligence software will not be the same, thus it’s preferable if the other players are human. This way, you’d be able to interact organically and the nuanced skills you’ll hone will reflect in your progress and results.

Makes Learning Slightly More Manageable

You may start learning any language by memorizing close to 30,000 words and the complex grammar and syntax rules. However, nobody can refute that this is a challenging ordeal. For those who are not comfortable with the language and writing script, to practice in such a way is significantly harder. The same way native English speakers have a hard time learning the Chinese language, the anti-thesis also applies. The fact of the matter is, learning a foreign language requires plenty of effort and practice.

Games make learning slightly easier by injecting fun and removing the stress from learning altogether. With games, you can achieve just as much time to practice, expanding your vocabulary bank and improving your grammar skills.

With the above reasons, why wait a minute longer? Games like Hangman and 20 questions can help you achieve the high gains, and complement what you’ll learn in your English classes. Reach out to your tutor on selecting a suitable game.

Like many others, we have decided to move our classes over online to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. At English Explorer, we strive to continue to assist you in your proficiency and fluency over the English language as we strive to stay safe during the pandemic.


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