3 Tips To Sharpen Your Professional English Conversations

English is undoubtedly the most preferred choice of language all around the world today. Nearly two billion people all over speak the language, making that about 1 in 5 people! However, less than 5% of the world are native speakers. Taking steps forward to learn English online in Singapore is important as you can use it in both everyday situations as well as in your professional circles.

If you wish to communicate with other English speakers on the streets or during informal settings, a few quick online English classes in Singapore is essential to get you started. However, if you are looking to learn English to boost your career or to attend a college in an English-speaking country, then it is ideal to sign up for an IELTS course. Not only will you learn how to express yourself concisely, but you will be able to use proper grammar, write better reports, and be able to address and engage people using appropriate formal expressions.

Are you looking to sharpen your English and prepare for professional conversations? If so, here are 3 key tips that you should know!

1. Improve your range of professional jargon

If you’ve signed up for an English course in Singapore to improve your command of professional English, you can expect a very general approach. This is because there are too many professions to cover, and no single English course in Singapore can explore them all. However, you can expect tutors to help you expand your vocabulary range, enhance your grasp of formal expressions, and sharpen your understanding of grammar.

English courses are taught generally, not focusing on one single profession. As such, you should look to expand your knowledge of professional jargon to enrich your conversations with others. For instance, accountants will commonly say stocks in their profession while those in the supply chain industry will call it inventory. What medical professionals commonly call treatment, a psychologist will call therapy.

Take the time to immerse yourself in English that is relevant to your profession. Read news, create vocabulary flashcards, and listen to discussions in the relevant industry. Make every aspect of your English learning journey resonate with your profession!

2. Watch videos and shows in the profession

A great way to make sharpen your professional English speaking skills is by making the learning process enjoyable. For instance, if you want to learn English with the medical industry in mind, you can start watching TV serials that focuses on the medical profession and note down the common words that they use. This is the same for other professions such as law, finance or engineering. If you are a reader, you can also sign up for publications in your relevant field.

There are plenty of ways you can greatly sharpen your professional English speaking skills! For instance, there are also podcasts and other audio releases should you choose to explore them.

3. Don’t work alone

A thousand miles’ journey begins with one step. Learning English can be frustrating as there is too much vocabulary to master and grammar rules to remember. However, learning doesn’t always have to be about being alone. You can always seek friends or family who can speak fluent English, and ask them for guidance on how to speak better English.

When you sign up for an English course in Singapore, you will also find professional tutors who can effectively teach you the language, covering all of the basics and more.

If you are ready to get started, then you can sign up and learn English online today! These tips above are sure to make professional English a part of your daily life, as well as in your career.


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