3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Proficient In English Today

As part of the top three most spoken languages globally, the English language is referred to as an international language of the modern world. This consensus has resulted in its adoption into many aspects of life, including commercial use and education.

This is no different in Singapore, where English is one out of four of the country’s official languages to date. Besides that, because the country is also now part of many international companies’ globalisation efforts, knowing English is more important than ever. If you are still unconvinced, here are three reasons why you need to be adept in the language today!

Increase your opportunities of attaining international jobs

Today, many multinational companies have expanded their operations to Singapore. And when looking for new staff, these companies tend to prioritise those residing in Singapore in the long term, especially those who can communicate in English well.

As such, not polishing your language skills equates to missing excellent job opportunities and limiting your career options in the country. Furthermore, no matter how qualified you may be, your skills and expertise would not be of much value if your communications skills will be hampering your work.

Make effective use of your study and reference materials

Many books and reference materials that students need are, more often than not, published in English. In addition, some materials in the library require a decent level of comprehension of the language to understand and interpret jargons and concepts. Most colleges and universities in Singapore also primarily use English as the language for instruction.

Continuing to neglect one’s studies in English might eventually lead to academic difficulties. But, on the other hand, a good grasp of the English language secures your scholarly endeavours and potentially, your future career.

Improve your performance in oral presentations and public talks

Whether at school, work, or elsewhere, there would always be the need to give an oral presentation to your classmates or colleagues. Having sufficient proficiency in English will enable you to choose the appropriate words, structure your speech, explain concepts, and finally deliver your presentation well. Public talks and oral presentations require proper preparation and planning, which can be elevated by faithfully attending your English classes in Singapore and practising the language even after class time.

In addition, there are a lot of things to consider when preparing for an oral presentation. For the effective presentation you have in mind, you would need to factor in the audience’s age group, topic chosen, and more. For instance, with children, your choice of vocabulary and manner of speech would be far different from conversing with adults. To best structure your speech according to a particular setting and audience, it’s crucial for you to be proficient in the language.


It’s undeniable that having English proficiency in Singapore has a significant impact on your life today and in the future. So, if you’re keen on improving your proficiency and mastering the English language, take the first step by enrolling in an English class and then follow it up with IELTS classes.


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