3 Reasons How Learning A New Language Benefits Your Life

After gaining independence, Singapore adopted English as its first language and lingua franca. Today, nearly 60 percent of all students in Singapore speak English at home.

Many Singaporeans who claim to speak English can also speak Singlish, an amalgamation of English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil and the other dialects spoken by the locals. While there may be great for communicating in Singapore; these words aren’t helpful when trying to communicate to an English-speaking native.

In order to build relations with those who may not know Singlish and its nuances, using proper English as a means to communicate may be your only way. Enrolling for an IELTS course in Singapore will help you to do just that, but an IELTS accreditation does more than just improve your command in English. Read on for 3 more reasons.

1. You gain a better understanding of the culture

Cultural understanding is vital for thriving in today’s super-connected world. A big part of cultural understanding is driven by social intelligence. Social intelligence is your ability to decipher non-explicit information from your environment, including gestures and other forms of verbal expressions such as idioms.

Whether you are grouped in a class or have a one-to-one lesson with your tutor, you are bound to be exposed to several different societal and cultural settings, especially if there are non-Singaporeans amongst the mix. Thus, the IELTS course doesn’t just make you fluent in English – it gives you a better cross-cultural understanding.

2. You can deal better with the unknown

Do unfamiliar situations make you nervous or excited? If you opt for the former, then learning a foreign language may be able to help you to tolerate ambiguity better.

Engaging in the best IELTS course can help you to encounter several new words to add to your vernacular. These lessons will also equip you with skills of inferring and reference such that you would understand the conveyed meaning without having to know its proper definition. With knowledge from the IELTS course, you are able to maintain and contribute to a conversation effectively and with ease.

Being less anxious in an unfamiliar setting will allow you to better converse and interact in social gatherings. This is especially vital if you need to expand your social circles.

3. You become more entrepreneurial

When you are equipped with the basic understanding of the language, the openness to different cultures and the confidence in all types of situations, you automatically become a more entrepreneurial individual. This does not just mean that you are more likely to start new businesses and projects, but simply that you become bolder at charting new paths socially, are less risk-averse and come out as a much better individual!


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